ABA OER SIG Executive Board

Rachel Potter, EdD, BCBA-D

President (2020-2023)

Dr. Rachel Potter is an associate professor of education at Mary Baldwin University in Staunton, VA, where she serves as the Director of ABA and Autism Studies. With vast interests in diverse applications of ABA, Dr. Potter has experience applying the principles of behavioral science in juvenile justice settings, in early childhood intervention, and in classroom teaching; additionally, she has a growing interest in the use of behavior analytic strategies by coaches for enhancing collegiate athletic performance. She is an Affiliate Member of the Association for Behavior Analysis International, and sits on the Professional Advisory Board of the International Behavior Analysis Organization.

Brian Middleton

President-Elect (2022); President (2023-2025)

Brian is a human who doesn't take himself too seriously, but when he does it's relating to behavioral sciences and helping others. A huge fan of open source education, Brian has been working to further the cause through his efforts as the Bearded Behaviorist, and the Oh Behave! & ACT natural Podcasts. Brian loves jokes, puns, most music, good food, great friends, and long walks on beach. Yes, Brian wrote this.

Clint Evans, MA, BCBA-LBA

Board Member (2020-2023)

Clint is a full time BCBA in the field and an entrepreneur with a vision for healthful dissemination of Applied Behavior Analysis. Through his endeavors with Behavior Chef, he has been able to bring OER's to the field through his online platform. Examples include a podcast centered on healthful behavior, a weekly seminar pairing behavior principles with everyday cooking examples, and a group of over two thousand ABA practitioners discussing their healthful behavior. Clint is both a current member of MOABA and ABAI.

Ryan Sain, PhD

Board Member (2020-2024)

I have been a behavior analyst since my mother sat me down in a mall in the 80s and told me to “just watch people”. I formalized that education with undergrad work at Eastern Washington University and graduate study under Thomas Armon Brigham at Washington State University. I focused on experimental evaluations of applied self-management programs, and of course, behavior analysis in general. I later worked internationally doing university development work across Africa and Afghanistan. It is there that I developed an appreciation for open educational resources. I hung up my soft money hat and returned to teach at my alma mater (i.e., EWU). Several years ago, after leaving academia, I joined the team at Northwest Autism Center and am currently the Operations Support Analyst – functionally doing OBM type work in an ABA setting. In my spare time (and that of my friend and colleague, Mr. Brad Bishop) we focus on bringing ABA to the world via YouTube. PsychCore was formed as a vehicle to bring change to how ABA is taught and disseminated. We have thousands of subscribers and ~700 videos covering specific issues related to ABA, EAB, and Behavior Analysis in general. Our success in teaching is not our own – we are students of Behavior Analysis first – and we seek to apply those principles at every level of our delivery of content. I currently reside in Spokane, Washington with my wife and four children, 2 dogs, a cat, and a bunch of fish.

Tara Fahmie, PhD

Board Member (2022-2025)

Dr. Tara Fahmie is an associate professor of ABA at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She is also the associate director of the Severe Behavior Department at the Munroe Meyer Institute. Her research interests include the prevention, assessment, and treatment of severe behavior. She is a Full Member of the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) who is committed to contributing to a more inclusive, open, and equitable training model.

Veronica Howard, PhD, BCBA-D


Dr. Veronica Howard is an associate professor of Psychology and coordinator of the Behavior Analysis course sequence at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Veronica has been an OpenEd Group Research Fellow, a graduate of the CopyrightX program, and participates in the Open Education Network's competitive Certificate in Open Educational Practices. Their research and service interests include organizational behavior management in nonprofit and resource-strapped environments, inclusive educational practices, the intersection of technology and education, gamification, and novel applications of behavior analysis. Veronica was a founding member of the Alaska Association for Behavior Analysis and the Association for Behavior Analysis International Open Educational Resources special interest group.

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